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Rent apartment Balti

Apartment for rent without intermediaries

Short stay apartments in Balti are also an ideal choice for medical tourists who come for high-quality dental or cosmetic care. By booking comfortable short stay apartments in advance, you can fully focus on the procedures, knowing that you will find a cozy home at the end of the day, with an equipped bathroom and a comfortable bed in the bedroom.

Our clients can count on maximum satisfaction of their needs without having to share space with other guests, as it happens in hotels. Renting apartments hourly allows our clients to enjoy comfort and tranquility throughout their stay, because our company takes care of cleanliness and order so that our clients can enjoy their stay in our hospitable city. This type of rental is also relevant for those who value privacy and comfort.

Contact us at +373 78 077 072 Viber/ WhatsApp/ Telegram to book an apartment for a short stay in Balti. We're happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the most of your stay in our beautiful city!

Balti is a developing city that has preserved its historical role as a trading city. This feature attracts relocating professionals, businessmen, and tourists alike.

No matter the purpose of your visit, finding temporary accommodation where you can feel at home is important. Our daily rent apartments are the perfect solution. We offer furnished and fully equipped apartments that can accommodate a variety of needs.

If you need to spend a few days in Balti, you’ll always have a comfortable and cozy place to stay. Our apartments come with a full set of amenities, including an equipped bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom with a comfortable bed.

Our rental conditions have a number of advantages over traditional hotels. You’re not limited to a small room and you don’t have to share accommodation with other guests. Our apartments are also more affordable than hotels.