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Our mission is to help people pick the right car rental

Before you book, we will show you everything you need to know.

From past customer ratings, what’s included and pick-up information, we give you all the facts, so that you can make the right rental choice for you.

We will show you the best and cheapest price for your rental requirements to help you find your ideal car.

The convenience that a car brings to a person’s life has become the basis for the development of such services as car rental for a period of several hours to long-term rental.

Forsaj Car Rental is developing this business in Balti. Our main task is to prove in practice that the service is safe and convenient for everyone.

Cheap rental does not reduce the quality, but only makes the service available to students, young families, people who have received a license but are not yet able to purchase a car.

We believe everyone should have a memorable and enjoyable experience with their car rental.

Particularly popular are budget-class small cars, which are often issued for long-term rental.

For everyday tasks, the leader is the rental of unpretentious cars such as Dacia, Chevrolet or Ravon. These are really the most successful solutions for urban use.

Economy rental cars in Chisinau are around 63% cheaper than other car types, on average.

For example, Dacia Logan has been included in various top lists more than once due to its economy. With a consumption of 5 liters per 100 kilometers, a trip to the Dacia Logan will not hit your budget.

A capacious trunk will allow you to take on a trip all the equipment necessary for a trip, and a spacious interior, even five of us can travel comfortably.

The experience of experienced travelers shows that you can travel around our entire country in a week, you will get to know it from an unknown side, meet new people, visit sights that you have not reached before.

Assemble a team, lay out a map, make a route. Bright impressions to you (www rent a car).

Ensure a comfortable trip for your family, contact Forsaj for a positive car rental experience in Moldova!

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